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Hey, my fellow Student in Magnetism,

its been a long time...

How have you been?

Is your research going all fine and dandy?

Fancy taking a break with me?

How about grabbing a good ol' cuppa coffee?

Lets catch up online! :D

Virtual Coffee Hours


Mark your calendars for
7 October (Saturday)
Venue: SiM HQ

Its virtual on gathertown because we don't have money for rent....

Exclusively for graduate students!

Register here!

Invites and reminders be sent out before 7 October UTC 2PM*

Will you be attending?
Do you want to help build/edit the gathertown map?
What do you want to have at Virtual Coffee Hours?
Which would you prefer for Virtual Coffee Hours?
What frequency do you prefer?
Where did you find out about this?
Do you want to organise and be part of SiM activies and events? (We'll get back to you soon!)

Declare that you are human!

Response received! See you there!

Please, just click the submit button once.

2023 Virtual coffee logo.gif

Virtual Coffee Hours FAQ

Q: How does virtual coffee taste like?
A: Pixels???

Q: Do you have lactose-free option?

A: Still pixels and as far as we know they are lactose-free. *Please tell us other digital allergies to provide you a better and safer virtual coffee.

Q: Can I join if I'm not a graduate student?

A: Only by special request. Write in to us :) 

Q: How long will the sessions be?

A: An hour! Feel free to stay beyond the hour and chill with us! 

Q: What to expect?
A: Friends and prospective friends hanging out! And a pixel coffee from our baristas, of course

Q: Hey, whats with the time? 

A: We want to be able to meet our friends across continents and the best way to do it is usually around UTC2PM, which is morning for the Americas, afternoon for EMEA, and night for Asia Pacific. Morning coffee, afternoon coffee, and... decaf coffee/coffee liquor(?) Coffee liquor is still coffee - Bailey, Kahlua, Tiramisu liquor, Irish coffee, etc. Though, you don't have to restrict yourself to bean juice - leaf juice works too. Whatever that floats your boat haha!

Q: Can I help design the space? Its kind of ugly...
A: You're more than welcomed to, contact us in anyway an we'll hook you up with editor rights.

Q: I have suggestions to make, where do I put them?
A: This form, or any other contact method to SiM.

Q: What if the platform lags and crashes?
A: That is my fear too, but who knows if we don't ever try? We're people of science, my friend. Its the experimental method!

Q: Can we log onto the space after hours?

A: Yes, sure! Treat it like a virtual office space and interact with your virtual colleagues! 


Have a screenshot to send in? Drop us a message!

Look out for our virtual baristas!


Virtual Barista

SiM Cafe



Virtual Barista

SiM Cafe

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