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2022 marked the 300th anniversary of George Graham's measurement of the daily declination of the Earth's magnetic field, and the 190th anniversary of Carl Friedrich Gauss' measurement of the Earth's magnetic field intensity. 

Calling everyone and anyone

Join us around the world in commemorating the magnetic milestones by learning and measuring the Earth's magnetic field at your location!

Learn to make full use of that phone of yours

How on EARTH do we measure the EARTH's magnetic field?

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Learn and explore with these specially tailored knowledge and guided activities!

Your submitted values will be updated on our map, along with the values from your friends all over the world!


It has been 300 years since George Graham first measured the variation of magnetic declination!

Did you know that the Earth behaves like a giant magnet?


Find out more about the Earth's magnetic field and how it was measured!

Click on the images and text to find out more about these remarkable people and their works!

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