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Meet The    SiM    Team

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Students in Magnetism   x   IEEE Magnetics Society


Formed in 2022, Students in Magnetism (SiM) is the youngest entity of the IEEE Magnetics Society, the leading international profession organization for magnetism. SiM strives to bring together the magnetism student community and early career researchers to network, connect, and organise educational activities related to magnetism and its applications.

Through student-oriented magnetism-related activities, for both the magnetism student community and everyone in fact, SiM aims to unite the magnetism community around the world by publicizing the ubiquity of magnetism in our lives. This in turn awakens future vocations in younger generations in their pursuit of knowledge. Together, we shall discover and explore the endless possibilities of magnetism and its application through a young vision for a

Are you a graduate student in magnetism?

Interested in joining SiM?

 By joining the SiM community, you can expect the following:

  • Interact with students interested in similar fields as yours from all over the world

  • Participate and organize in outreaching events in your community

  • Participate in online seminars with students and experts in magnetism

  • Have a unique and personal ID SiM card

  • Share your passion for magnetism!


Drop us an inquiry email!

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