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2023 Image Gallery

Alex and Libor, probably!

May Inn in attendance! (in the laptop)

Lots of snacks and freebies for all! Distributed by volunteer Weida Yin!

Making a skyrmion model out of magnets!

Audre sharing about magnets to young learners!

(May Inn) Sim introducing SiM's Virtual Coffee Hours!

Volunteers Tomomi Suwa and Xiaotong Ma hosting the games!

2022 Image Gallery

Audre, our secretary, with a hands-on workshop for students!

The first ever SiM and MagnetiSiM event!

Maria, our deputy, and her team in at Oviedo, hosted a series of invited talks!

SiM goodies for the high school students!

IEEE Magnetics Society President Atsufumi at SiM's debut!

Hosted by Professor Sow Chorng Haur!

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