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Quick Measure Instructions

Follow these three steps to perform a quick measurement of the Earth's magnetic field at your location.

Propaganda hand.png

Step 1: Download the phyphox app to your device.


Step 2: Launch app > select "Magnetometer" > select "Multi" tab.

Begin the measurement!

Step 3: Rotate your phone to achieve x-component = 0
Record the
absolute magnetic field and submit along with your GPS values!

Make sure that there are no electronics or magnets nearby! 

Disclaimer: Phyphox offers a wide range of tools and experiments for you to learn with at the grasp of your hands. Feel free to explore other functions after these activities. Please be careful not to damage your phone or device while experimenting. Please take special care to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces and do not expose your device to excessive magnetic fields. The authors of Phyphox and SiM committee are not responsible for any damage to your phone.

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