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Enjoying the Beach

SiM Student Networking Session

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Catch up and unwind with your fellow graduate students in magnetism bimonthly virtually through fun and games.

Chat and take part in engaging talks and activities!

Find out more and register for the next session here!

*Remember to let your virtual baristas know of your preferences and digital allergens! 


for one and all.

A global Students in Magnetism network. 

Students in Magnetism is a global student network that promotes graduate students in magnetism and inspires the younger generation through magnetics-related outreach. 

Our Mission

To bring graduate students in magnetism around the world together as a community, and organize magnetics-related outreach activities to K-12 students and the public. SiM strives to create an inclusive and vibrant environment that facilitate meaningful connections and innovative outreach programming. 

Cup of Coffee

Networking opportunities

Connect with peers and fellow graduate Students in Magnetism.


Career development

Take part in activities by Students in Magnetism to add that oomph!

Hand Holding

Outreach engagements

Contribute back to the community with Students in Magnetism.

SiM strives to reach
all corners of the globe
and establish the global magnetism community.


Collaborations, volunteering, partnerships, ... - all are welcomed!

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