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M24 Rules and Guidelines


  • Participants are allowed to take part in the competition as individuals or as a team of up to two members

    • Category 1: Captains (graduate students PhD/MSc)

    • Category 2: Students Participants


  • To provide young students with hands-on experience in building projects using Hall sensors and other fundamental electronic components through an interactive module and guided exploration of a physical kit

  • To provide graduate students with a mentorship experience through assisting the students in their learning journey

Rules for Captains

  • Registration is mandatory for both captains and participants. [Register here (LINK)]

  • Captains are entrusted with the responsibility of receiving a kit containing all the necessary components for project construction 

  • Captains must ensure the presence of all components and promptly communicate any missing parts or feedback to the organizers (either by the forum or by email to

  • Captains are tasked with designing the route through which the kits will journey, with an aim of incorporating three stops per kit

  • Captains are responsible for delivering the kit to participants at each stop along their designated route

Rules for Student Participants

  • Registration is mandatory for both captains and participants. [Register here (LINK)]

  • Participants must successfully complete the module. [Access the module here]

  • Participants should notify their Captains or organisers in case of any missing or malfunctioning components (either by the forum or by email to

  • Participants are encouraged to actively engage in forums to share their experiences, tips, and insights.

Bonus segment

  • Answer the bonus questions in the module and share your answers in the forum.


  • All captains and participants will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of their tasks. 

  • Captains stand to win prizes as a function of the number of participants/stops their path is able to get

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