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DIY Joystick
Author: Febio George, Prisha Avilasha



1. 2x linear Hall sensors 
2. 1x Arduino Pro Micro Controller
3. 1x Wooden rod

4. 1x Neodymium magnet

5. 1x Spring

6. 1x Transparent acrylic sheet


1. Make a preliminary design on Siemens Solid Edge.
3. KY-024 was the best Hall effect sensor module since it gives a linear output.
4. Laser cut the acrylic and glue the base together
5.Make the control stick of the joystick by gluing springs, magnets and the wooden handle onto the spherical object. 
6. Glue the joystick onto the base and then connected the hall effect sensors and use cardboard to protect the sides of the control column as magnetic field was drowned out due to the thickness of the acrylic sheet.

7. Connect the sensors to the hall-effect modules and run Arduino IDE to start
programming the chip.
8. Use an Arduino library called Joystick.h which converted the Arduino from a
keyboard reading to a joystick by installing joystick drivers onto the memory of the
9. Then, program a simple C++ code to get the joystick to output into the computer
10. Launch X-plane for the final tweaks

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