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Le Knob
Author: Jerrick Seng, Leroy Hong



1. 8x Hall Sensors 
2. 1x Pro Micro Controller
3. 1x Filament for 3D Print


This is the knob itself to be placed on the base. The knob consists of 2 pieces, one to be
held while the other is an isolated piece that is free to rotate. By separating the 2 pieces, it
allows the piece to be rotated with the whole body staying in place.

2. This is the base of the knob that houses the electronics. Under the knob, we have a row of
hall effect sensors lined up in a circle. When the knob above rotates, the magnet is
moved along the hall effect sensors and activates them. Based on the sensors that are
activated and the sensors that were activated, we can determine the rotational direction
of the knob and use its input for anything.

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