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Students in Magnetism by the IEEE Magnetics Society

We are a group of enthusiastic graduate students and young researchers who are dedicated to advancing students in magnetics-related research and organizing  magnetics-related outreach programs. We collaborate with faculty members and professionals to develop resources that promote knowledge in magnetism and support student-led projects as well as outreach engagements.

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Our Mission

The mission of SiM is to bring graduate students in magnetism around the world together and organize magnetics-related outreach activities to K-12 students and the public. SiM strives to create an inclusive and vibrant environment that facilitate meaningful connections and innovative outreach programming. 

About SiM

SiM, established in July 2022, is the youngest global network of IEEE student members and volunteers in magnetism. SiM strives to foster community engagement and strengthen the connection among the magnetism student community.

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